“Alaska, the Last Great Adventure”,  © Ray Troll

Alaskans love to scare the hell out of each other by telling harrowing and gruesome bear stories around campfires late at night and I’m no exception. I think the fascination fills some deep biological need to be keenly aware of animals that can actually eat us. As a result though I’ve become more than a little ‘bearanoid’ when I head off into the deep forests that surround our town. This drawing was done shortly after a particularly horrible incident on nearby Baranof island in which a hapless deer hunter was eaten by a large brown bear (Ursus horribilus!). All that remained of him was a spinal column when he was found the next day. Mental images like that tend to stick with you and I dwelled on it for days before I drew this ditty. When I released it as a T-shirt though I made the title a little less subtle and called it ‘Snacktime’.

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