Fossils tell us about the long history of life on Earth. For centuries, geologists have used fossils of animals and plants to tell the story of deep time, as shown on this Geologic Time Scale drawn by yours truly. Life has evolved and changed over the eons of time, giving each period a distinct group of fossils that can be recognized worldwide.


Even the language of time is shaped by fossils. Names of eras like the Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic come  from the ancient, middle, and recent appearance of fossils through time. Every few years scientists readjust the numbers on the beginnings and endings of particular ages to reflect the latest research.


I wrote a song with my pal Russ Wodehouse called “Ages of Rock” , that teaches you all the ages in a fun and easy to remember way. My hope is that someday it will catch on and be as popular and important as knowing one’s ABC’s!


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