The Buzz Saw Sharks are coming to
The Oregon Museum of Natural and
Cultural History in Eugene this Fall!

The exhibit I developed with the crew at the Idaho Museum of Natural History will roll on into Eugene Oregon this November and will run through April 4 of 2016. Come see mind blowingly cool fossils, giant sculptures and lots of original artwork on the UO campus. Come for the sharks and stay for the giant spike-toothed salmon! Find out more on the mueum’s website at:

2015 Ray Troll Shirts

Salmon Peace

Being true to my inner 60’s love-child, I developed this one over the course of a few years. It started out as a design for the Salmonstock, a music and art festival held in Ninilchik, Alaska every year. My pal Memo Jauregui did the amazing colorization job on this one. Together we spent many hours honing all the tiny details. Note the complete salmon life cycle from eggs and alevin to spawning adults arcing around the circle.

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Planet Ocean

 This drawing was featured in the 1993 book of the same name that I did with my pal Brad Matsen . I dug out the original pen and ink drawing and asked Grace Freeman to colorize it in Photoshop, and I think she knocked it out of the park. There’s many a critter depicted in the lovely orb of our watery planet, including yours truly, diving after a ratfish in the lower right. How many fish and marine mammals can you identify?

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Marijuana is now “legal” in four states: Washington, Colorado, Oregon and Alaska. Yes, Alaska of all places! I had a hunch the proposition would pass even in a pretty darned conservative state like Alaska, that because we Alaskan just refuse to be easily categorized it seems.

I remember when this one “flitted” across my brain. I was on the MV Taku with a bunch of my friends in the dead of winter and we were talking about salmon (of course!). Sitka author Richard Nelson was goofing around and using an Inspector Clouseau sort of French accent and he said “humpy” the way that Peter Sellers would have in the movies. Immediately this image popped into my brain and I scribbled it on a cocktail napkin (yep .we were in the bar at the time).

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Deep Forest

There’s some “deep” meaning behind this one (excuse the pun): salmon co-evolved with the temperate rainforests here on the Pacific Coast and over the eons there’s been some pretty dynamic interactions going on between the fish and the trees. The nitrogen from the salmon carcasses of spawned out adults acts as a fertilizer for the forest helping to grown bigger trees along the stream banks… which ends up helping to protect the salmon as they spawn. The salmon isotopes are literally inside the big trees.

The original large oil painting is at the University of Southeast Alaska in Juneau. Dave Rubin helped me finish it up. There are many fun and quirky little details to be found in the original. It’s also available as a signed art poster.

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Bless Me Father

This one is one for my spiritually inclined seine fishermen friends out there, or for anyone who might share my skewed sense of humor. So yes it’s time to repent all ye seiners!

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Bear Country

A couple of years ago Sylvia Ettefagh asked me to do a special T-shirt design for Wrangell Alaska’s annual Bearfest. It took a little while to clear the decks but I carved out a chunk of time to do this elaborate drawing depicting all three species of Alaskan bears: brown, black, and polar.  The festival is a great mix of science, art, music fun and adventure. If you time it just right you can sign up to visit the amazing Anan Creek during the height of the annual salmon run. Anan is truly unique in that both brown bears and black bears come down to the river’s edge to snag salmon.

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