‘Parasitic Males”, © Ray Troll

 When the tiny little males find their big mommas in the deep dark sea they’ll bite onto her side anywhere they can and never let go. After awhile their bodies become fused together with the male almost literally melting away. Their heads even dissolve after while. That lifestyle sounds kind of OK to me. That’s why I drew this image with the male reaching for the remote control and a beer. Sweet, eh?

 It also inspired these lyrics from my ‘Ballad of William Beebe’ song (on my first CD “Where the Fins Meet the Frets’):

I want to be a parasitic male
Stuck to your side I am only a tail
My head is gone I’m just a sack of guts
All that’s left are my precious nuts.
Loving you in the deep dark sea
It’s all about you and less and less about me
Swimming around searching for you
Brain’s dissolving like Elmer’s glue
Looking around for lights in the dark
Eternal love I’m hoping to spark
Joining you far below the waves

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