‘Malacosteus niger’, © Ray Troll

 I think this one of the coolest deep sea fish ever. Also known as the Stoplight Loosejaw, it is capable of producing both red light AND greenlight. The family of fishes it belongs to ( the Stomiidae) are the ONLY critters on the planet capable of producing red light. They use their red lights like headlights to focus on their prey in the eternal darkness of the abyss. The clever thing is that none of the other fish in the sea can see red light.. so these guys are effectively invisible!

 And if that’s not enough for the cool-o-meter they can also produce green light to lure their victims in closer. Once their prey is within range they can unhinge their jaws and their heads ( !!) to whip their meal down their open throat.  They are capable of swallowing victims many time their size.

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