The sound of the chain on the floor sent a chill through him. His ankle was shackled and locked like any criminal or hostage might be, but he was neither. He glanced down and wondered, momentarily, if he could escape if he wanted to. Could he? Yes, perhaps, he thought, but the greater question on his mind was, did he want to escape.
At first, it was her he’d wanted to chain. He had made it his life’s quest to capture females of her type in his web, to show his dominance and his virility. Every time he set his trap to lure them in, his chest broadened with pride and power just contemplating that moment of capture. And when he did, when that moment would come when he knew that one had taken the bait and all he had to do was reel them into his net of power, it was exhilarating. And now, as he stood, chained, enslaved in a world of her creation, he was surprised to find himself feeling more exhilarated than ever before. He was not to move, she told him. He was to stand and wait until she was ready to call him to her side. He trembled in anticipation of her beckoning.
She would be a trophy to no man. On that fateful day when she was lured towards him, pulled into his web of domination, she couldn’t have possibly known how her life was about to change. Her life had been simple; School, swimming and looking for Mr. Right. She never dreamed that one day, with one turn of the worm, that she would find herself the mistress of this man that was now chained to her bed. At first she fought against him and struggled to be released from the grip he had on her. But his touch which had once been rough and painful soon turned to softness as he gently released her from his hook. He had held her in his own hands, caressing her silken skin, admiring the glorious beauty of her rich, meaty curves and readied himself to release her. But their eyes met and they found themselves lost in the others gaze. He could not release her and she… she did not wish to be released.
And now, with many cycles of the moon behind them, he was the one captured. He had put down his pike pole, his whips, his chains and she had taken them up as her own. He was her catch of not just this day – but every day. She had reeled him into her own web of love and taught him that the only thing better than being the master, was being the slave. And now he stood, trembling, holding a single rose to offer to his glorious gray mistress. There would be no “catch and release” for these two lovers, lost in a sea of desire.

by Shauna Lee

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