Strange science rocks! The beautifully preserved fossil fishes from the Green River formation are renowned around the world for their exquisite detail.
The ultimate coelacanth website:
For all your Darwinist needs go to:
The brave people who fight the creationist hyperbole:
Bizarre German Aircraft from WWII has moved to:
The Hairy Museum of Natural History, where I am the Curator of Ichtheology:
Just plain fun, you'll spend hours cruising through the clever visual puns at:
Check out the incredible underwater photos of Jason Neuswanger at:
I acted as the art director for the Miami Science Museum's Amazon Voyage traveling exhibit, now on the road across the USA. Check out the incredibly rich website that supports the exhibit:
Sam Gon III's Ultimate Trilobite Site:
Some of the very finest trilobites in the world come from Oklahoma. Check out the exquisite Black Mountain trilobites:

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