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Reproduction of artwork by artist Grace Freeman.

Print material options:

Paper print:
Printed on acid free paper with archival inks. Signed and titled. The image size is smaller than paper size. Fits standard mats for 5″x7″ artwork.

Paper print with mat:
5″x7″ paper print with 8″x10″ white mat and heavy weight backing board. Fits standard frames for 8″x10″ artwork.

Metal Print:
Printed on aluminum with a glossy coating. The print comes attached to a floating mount, and is ready to hang on the wall with a saw-tooth hanger and rubber bumpers to keep the image straight. It is water and scratch resistant, and will maintain its brilliant coloring as long as it’s kept out of direct sunlight. Each print is dated, titled, and signed on the back.



About this design:

In my take on the subject of the “reclining nude” I nestled the figure amongst white mountain heather flowers, and considered the question of “whose gaze the nude figure is meant for?” when making choices about elements like hair styling and body posture. The brightly colored caterpillar of the spotted tussock moth sits atop the hip, with eye catching colors but hairs that will cause a nasty reaction if touched.


About the artist:

Grace Freeman was born and raised in Ketchikan, Alaska. She is mostly self taught, taking occasional art classes when she can. Her main tools for creating digital artwork are a Wacom Cintiq pen display and Adobe Photoshop. She also often uses Photoshop when planning artwork in other mediums. She enjoys experimenting in many different creative areas and has tried everything from photography to relief printing. She appreciates the way that the techniques from different mediums can feed back into each other to create new ways of approaching her artwork.

Over the years she has developed an artistic style that is often inspired by nature. One of her favorite things to do in her spare time is go hiking, gathering inspiration from the shapes and shadows of the natural world. She also tries to incorporate a sense of fun in her artwork, putting a touch of whimsy into even the darker pieces.  When she has free time that isn’t being taken over with art you can find her drinking tea, playing video games, or hiking (rain or shine!).

Find more information about Grace on her website

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