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It’s Never Too Late to Mutate

  • 100 percent cotton, pre-shrunk, heavyweight t-shirt
  • Front print
  • Shirt Color: Black




Charles Darwin’s revolutionary ‘On the Origin of Species’ was first published in 1859 and it’s still making waves. Thought to be one of the most important pieces of scientific literature ever written, it’s considered to be the foundation of evolutionary biology. Yes, my friends, life changes through time, creatures mutate and evolve, and nothing lasts forever.

Well maybe some things last, at least for awhile. This is a reissue of a shirt from way back in the 1990’s. It’s been newly colorized by Grace Freeman and we’re printing on a black shirt for the first time.

You can spot my hero “Chuckie D” behind the wheel of his styling Evolvo complete with a trilobite hood ornament and ammonite hubcaps. He and his lobe-finned fish pal are driving down the great highway of life, dodging a Tiktaalik on the road as a Triceratops looks on, never mind the Velociraptor on the roof or the Pteranodon in the back seat.  Apparently they’re about to flatten a wayward Opabinia as ammonites and iniopterygians cruise above them. Falling rocks next 4.567 billion years, Gondwana and the Museum of the Earth or bust, baby!

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