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CRUISIN’ THE FOSSIL FREEWAY CD, TROLL/WODEHOUSE Infectious hook-driven melodies, entwined with vivid paleo-inspired lyrical imagery comprise the vision and common thread for this project. Each song is a testament to dynamic audio diversity with cuts oscillating back and forth between musical genres. From the opening notes of the Ska/Country/DooWop title song to the simple and sublime jazz- spun Reprise this album with it’s Reggae, Funk, Bluegrass, Jazz, Country, Alternative and full on ROCK offerings, covers all the musical bases. Listen. Learn. Think and tap your toes. This album is a wild ride through the depths of deep time. By the end of this musical odyssey you are guaran-gol-dang-teed to learn a thing or two and actually have fun doing it. The CD was recorded in living rooms and basements in Ketchikan and Juneau Alaska, as well as Seattle and Richland,Washington during the fall of 2009. The Ratfish Wranglers are a loosely knit bunch of talented musicians ranging in age from 18 to 60 that were wrangled by the Ratfish Brothers into recording prehistoric inspired tunes usually co-written by the ratfish duo. Some are solo efforts by Russ, others involved legions of players. One tune was recorded by Seattle’s infamous Big Dirt Band. Another by Ketchikan’s youthful Amish Robots. A couple of tunes were recorded by Juneau’s hottest bluegrass players while a couple of other songs feature Seattle hip hop legend Art of Verse! All of the tunes though share the same inspirational source, the book and exhibit “Cruisin’ the Fossil Freeway” by Kirk Johnson and Ray Troll. The CD was designed and engineered by Ratfish Russell Wodehouse and features a 16 page color lyric book chock full of Ray Troll’s paleo-art. Track Listing: 1. Cruisin’ the Fossil Freeway 5:46 2. Rocks Don’t Lie 4:39 3. Trilobite 3:36 4. Ammonite 3:16 5. Fish Face 3:38 6. Time Traveling with a Shovel 3:55 7. Take Me Back 3:03 8. I am a Paleobotanist 5:46 9. Hell Pig 3:34 10. Ages of Rock 4:24 11. Soundwaves 3:26 12. Tusker Tippin’ :51 13. Paleonerd 4:21 Hey Fish Face 3:37 14. 40,000 Mammals Can Be Wrong 4:46 15. Big Blue Marble 5:04 16. Trilobite/Ammonite Reprise 7:07 Myspace page:

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