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Dive Bar

  • 100 percent cotton, pre-shrunk, heavyweight t-shirt
  • Front print
  • Shirt Color: Black




My good friend Andy Case of Tenji Inc. was telling me all about this cool aquarium his company was building and installing at a new Sacramento establishment called ‘The Dive Bar’. The aquarium tank is located above the bar and is long enough and just wide enough to accommodate live models cavorting as mermaids. How cool is that?

That was enough of an inspiration to get my fevered artistic brain all fired up. Having spent some quality time in a number of genuine dive bars over the years I had a vision of the Star wars bar scene crossed with an episode Jacques Cousteau’s Undersea World with divers and cannery workers all crowded in. For reference pictures I took a few photos late at night in Sitka’s Pioneer Bar, and Ketchikan’s Sourdough and Arctic Bars. So it’s a mix of all three and then some.


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