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Eternal Salmon

  • 100 percent cotton, pre-shrunk, heavyweight t-shirt
  • Front print
  • Shirt Color: Black




Pacific salmon have flourished along the west coast of North America for millions of years, co-evolving with the landscapes they are born and die in, during the course of their lives. With the never-ending spread of industrial civilization, habitat loss, ocean acidification and global warming their very survival has been seriously threatened. The hopeful message behind this T-shirt image is that if we take care of the salmon they will continue to feed and nurture us… forever.

The words around the image are lyrics I wrote for a song called ‘Flicker of Light’ performed by my son Patrick’s band Whiskey Class. You can watch an animated video of this image on Youtube.

Memo Jauregui did the beautiful digital coloring and Skip Jensen the masterful graphic design.

Text around images reads: “ETERNAL SALMON, water born creatures – our connection to the world – spirits of the oceans – rivers to the sea – in a gesture – in a fin – sparkling scales – a glint of silver – the endless void – blackness – among the bones and the plankton – a flicker of light”

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