Cultural Sightings

I honestly don’t know how many T-shirts I’ve managed to sell since I first started producing them way back in 1984. I think it’s safe to guess that it’s over two million at this point, which is hard for me to believe. It’s always fun seeing the insane places they pop up out there in the world. Troll garb has shown up on the backs of rock musicians, appeared in obscure African action films, been worn in the white house, and been seen on celebrities strolling down Broadway. If you have a fun shot of someone wearing a Troll shirt email it to me and we’ll post it in these galleries.

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Painted Vehicles

I discovered that one-shot enamels can be painted directly onto automobiles when Chuck Parson helped make the “Evolvo” art car a reality at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science back in 1999. Since then I’ve gone on to “funkify” city buses, vans, mobile classrooms and hatchery trucks with my artist pals Memo Jauregui and Roberto Salas.