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Buzzsaw Sharks of Idaho

Now through the summer of 2019, the Buzzsaw Sharks of Idaho Show is at the Idaho Museum of Natural History at Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho.

Our Buzzsaw Shark exhibit has traveled the country, delighting audiences exceeding over 500,000 people. We’re excited to bring this one-of-a-kind attraction back to Pocatello, literally where it all began. The Buzzsaw shark–Idaho’s weirdest fossil–swam the ancient ocean that once covered our state eons ago.

This whorl-toothed shark occupied the seas 270 million years ago. Now, Idaho’s Buzzsaw Shark is coming home to Pocatello and will be the featured exhibit at the IMNH. The exhibit artfully puts the Helicoprion shark on display.  Its fossils fascinate both paleontologists and exhibit visitors alike. This exhibit will run through the summer of 2019.

This exhibit is proudly sponsored by J.R. Simplot.