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Ratfish Wranglers Penultimate Farewell Tour

It’s true fans! Here are a couple links for the “Museum After Hours” Show on February 21 at 6PM  and the “Fisherpoets Gathering Show” on February 23rd.

Remember: “We throw in the science for free!”


News from the Ray Troll Universe - Category: Music

Hey Fishface

February 12, 2009 is Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday, so get out there and embrace your inner fish folks! 2009 also marks the 150th anniversary of the publication of  Darwin’s evolutionary, revolutionary ‘On the Origin of Species’. So it’s a big year for science geeks around the world.

To get into the swim of things I wrote a song and recorded it last year with friends at Narrows Perch Studios here in Ketchikan. As usual the musicians took it to a whole new place. Enjoy the MP3 by clicking here.

And as you gather round the dinner table on Darwin Day don’t forget to recite ‘The Evolutionist’s Prayer”! Visit the Hairy Museum of Natural History to download a copy:

Hey Fishface… written by Ray Troll, 2008

“Just another vertebrate” phrase was how Marion Bonner, renowned Kansas fossil hunter, referred to himself.

Shauna Lee: vocals
Alejandro Chavarria: vocals
Ray Troll: extra vocals
Patrick Troll : guitar
Craig Koch : harmonica, bongos
Recording, mastering: Stron Softi

Hey Fishface
I know who you are
Hey Fishface
You ain’t no superstar
Hey Fishface
Did you forget who you are?

You’re a lobefin just like me

Just another vertebrate
getting in the way
Just another vertebrate
with nothin’ to say
Just another vertebrate
getting’ through the day

You’re a lobefin just like me

Big brained monkey
you do it all wrong
Keep mucking up this place
It won’t take long
Your time on this earth
will be gone gone gone…

News from the Ray Troll Universe - Category: Music

Ratfish Wranglers in the News

From The Anchorage Daily News

You got the T-shirt — now plug in the CD
Published: February 24th, 2008 02:00 AM

From The Ketchikan Daily News
March 1st 2008

Also Alec Dickinson with KRBD FM does an audio interview with Ray about the Wranglers


“Troll and his band take over where the B-52s ‘Rock Lobster’ left off in the late 80s/many years ago. Living the artist’s life in Ketchikan, Alaska for 25 years, Troll has swum far below the currents of modern art and music, and surfaced for air with a net full of images and songs about such underwater oddities as the ratfish, the sex life of the salmon and the legendary Bombastodon.Set to a hypnotic beat that pounds like a fishboat diesel, and backed up by a loose-knit set of friends including a champion fiddle player and siren-like back-up singers, his songs reach out to the spirit of the fisherman in all of us!”

Peter Marsh – Freshwater News


Jeff Bown’s  audio interview with Ray about the CD (Jeff is from KTOO, FM Juneau). Click here.